Who We Are

Communications Services Inc. was created and incorporated in 1998 by former Bell Atlantic executives.

Our staffing philosophy is simple: “fill all key positions only with successful, telecommunications and I.T. professionals having extensive experience in the industry and with excellent career records”.

To the right is a brief biography of each of the Senior Managers.

Communications Services, Inc. is verified by the Veterans' Admin to be a "Veteran Owned Small Business."

Benjamin H. Adkins, Jr - Principal

Benjamin has over thirty years of telecommunications industry experience. He is well respected for his leadership ability, analytical skills and communications skills.

At Bell Atlantic Mr. Adkins held numerous positions in operations and engineering. He held the position of Director of Operations responsible for all aspects of telecommunications operations for agencies of the Federal Government in the Washington, DC area. Previously, he held the position of Managing Director for Bell Atlantic International, overseeing two joint ventures in the Czech and Slovak Republics, one providing Cellular Service and the other Packet Data Services

Mr. Adkins is also a respected community leader, serving in numerous civic leadership roles.

Mr. Adkins has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Richard A. Alston - Principal

has over thirty years of telecommunications industry experience. Among the positions he held with Bell Atlantic were the following:

Vice President - Planning and Engineering
Vice President - Marketing
Vice President – Operations, Bell Atlantic, Virginia
Assistant Comptroller – C&P of West Virginia
Board of Directors – West Virginia Venture Capital

Mr. Alston also served for ten years on the Board of Governors of the Communications Society of the IEEE. He has served on numerous corporate boards and has served on the boards of several civic organizations including the Board of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra. He was President of the West Virginia fund for the Arts. He currently serves on the board of the Midlothian Rotary Club.

Mr. Alston has a B.S. degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in mathematics and a M.S. in Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

William E. Hammond, Jr - Principal

has over thirty-six years of telecommunications industry experience with a strong background in voice and data transmission and switching systems.

Mr. Hammond has extensive experience working with commercial and Government customers in the Washington, D.C. area. During the final years of his career with Bell Atlantic, Mr. Hammond was the manager responsible for the organization and supervision of the Operations Center that monitored and maintained the services provided to Federal Government agencies throughout the Washington area.

Mr. Hammond also has extensive experience with the administrative, maintenance and management systems currently in use throughout the industry, with 5E and DMS switching systems and with SONET transmission systems.

Like Mr. Adkins and Mr. Alston, Mr. Hammond is a respected leader in his community and has been an active member of the Rotary Club for over twenty years.

Julie Harner - General Manager

has over twenty years of experience serving the Federal Government by assisting the Department of Defense and Civilian agencies meet their telecommunications needs. Ms. Harner served as the WITS2001 and WITS 3 Program Manager from early 2003 until her retirement from Verizon in 2007. Prior to that Ms. Harner served as the operations and service delivery manager supporting over 400,000 government customers who purchased telecommunications services from Verizon.

Upon her retirement in 2007 Ms. Harner accepted a position with the General Services Administration. Her role at GSA was to guide a 140 agencies through the proposal process, to assist them in conducting the fair opportunity process and to guide them through the transition to the new WITS 3 contract.

Ms. Harner brings to Communications Services Incorporated a broad knowledge of federal program management, an in depth knowledge of government processes and procedures and a strong expertise in the delivery of telecommunications services.