• Design, engineer and build communications networks
  • Provide technical support for ongoing maintenance of I.T. and Telecom networks
  • Provide Administrative support and customer interface personnel skilled in using current tools and systems
  • Provide experienced Professional and technical personnel to augment a workforce
  • Project Manage  a transition in communications technology

And much more…..

What We Can Do For You

The Core of our business is providing experienced people, either as individuals to augment a work force that is laboring under unusual work loads or to provide teams of people to tackle a longer term project, to manage and man a center, to rewire an office, etc. Our people can provide software engingeering services for switching equipment, provide network design and engineering services, administrative services, or we can staff a call center. 

In general, if a telecommunications or I.T. network is involved we have people skilled in all aspects of designing, engineering and operating both the physical and virtual aspects of that network.